Youth ATV Safety Field Day Course. Ages 10-15
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9:00 AM


Sunday,Oct. 30th


Registration deadline is Sept. 26th, 2022


 ATV Safety Training Ages 10-15

9:00 AM

Youth ages 10-15 first must complete the ATV Safety Online Course at (link is external) (course fee is $24.95).

Next step: Students ages 10-15 must register for a Hands-On ATV Safety Training class. Pre-registration is mandatory for the Hands-On class.

Hosted by the Northern Traxx ATV club. These Hands-On classes are free. Each class is limited to 25 students.

Class will be Oct. 30th 9:00 am.
MUST pre-register by 9/26/2022

Contact Sarah Brainard, 218-969-9161 after 9/26/2022 to see if there is still room available in the class.

Class information will be emailed to parents before the field day begins.

Locations:  Chisholm High School Library and Student Parking Lot.  When arriving please do not park in the student parking lot.

Requirements: Must be 10 years of age before class start date listed above in order to be eligible to take this class.

The Hands-On training includes: Basic ATV operation; protecting the environment; common ATV parts and controls; MN rules and laws; responsible ATV riding skills for trail riding, and practicing/demonstrating skills on an ATV course.
*Student must be fitted to the ATV they will be operating.

Students can print their ATV Safety Certificate from the DNR website after passing the Hands-On class. Instructions are provided during class (includes DNR fee of $10). The ATV Certificate becomes valid at age 12.

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